How to be a Publicist…..


A publicist or PR person has a demanding and fast-paced career. However if you have the time, energy, and interest, then you may want to read on about how to become a publicist.

A client can get media exposure by working with his or her publicist. They constantly get in touch with the media to have journalists write about their clients, because any media attention increases someone’s popularity and how famous they are. Publicists will work with musicians, professional players in sports, authors and actors. Companies like Random House, Ford or IBM can also be clients.

The best foundation is a good education. Even though there is no qualification or no course you have to complete to be a publicist, it is still a good idea to have a solid education. That means that you will, at least, need a college education. An essential part of being a publicist to being competent in writing press releases. Look into writing, media, journalism, public relations, and business marketing courses at school.

Begin with little jobs. Of course, when you first become a publicist, you usually have to settle for the smaller accounts. Initially, you have to develop some expertise. Start by offering to do the publicity for a local band or new author. Press release writing is something these groups need and something you might try. You’ll have to do things such as drawing up posters, dealing with the media, and taking initiative to spread the news. Getting jobs that are smaller will prepare you for your search for better paying clients and larger jobs (you will probably have to work as a publicist without pay in the beginning. This is alright.

Consider applying for an internship in order to gain experience and contacts in the industry. Look for an internship position in a good publishing company and apply as soon as possible. Staying in school is something you can still do. Try your hand at press releases. Make local reporters and journalists your best friends. Becoming an intern for a publicist is a wonderful way to get experience and to increase the possibility of getting a job after graduation, since you will have an edge, experience wise, on your peers. (Meanwhile, be certain that you do the best you can with the internship now, since you don’t know when you will have a chance for full time employment as a publicist in the company that you do your internship.)

Become an internet guru. Every publicist worth his salt knows that a website is the most important component in the success of the account. If you have any clients to promote it is advised that you learn to promote them on the web. Take several classes about what makes websites beautiful, what you can do differently to make them more profitable, and what basic things have to be put on every website. All clients prefer that their publicist possess knowledge of this skill.

Begin your career. To have a career as a publicist you must get some relevant experience or education. Be sure to apply to publicist jobs frequently and try your hardest to ace the interview. Because of the high level of competition you may need to evaluate alternative methods if you want to be a publicist. Until your career takes off, freelance publicity is something you might consider doing. All experiences count when you are beginning your career as a publicist.



  1. This was great. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I love the tips that you gave. I always had in the back of my mind to go to back to school and learn some graphic and web design. I read this at just the right moment. I’m a recent grad so it’s best that I started this right away rather than later. Thanks for this post! It helped me make a crucial decision at the right time!

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