How To Attract Celebrities To Your Product

On a Thursday in early May, Jennifer Berson let out a giant scream. While watching the Mother’s Day special taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen mentioned Little Giraffe baby blankets, and Berson couldn’t help herself. As president of Jeneration PR, a Sherman Oaks, California-based public relations firm focused on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, she had worked tirelessly at placing her client (Little Giraffe) on the show. This was her moment.

“I was so excited when I heard her call out the baby blankets by name, and say that Angelina Jolie’s children use them, that I started jumping up and down and screaming,” Berson said.

When the show aired, Ellen’s millions of viewers learned that Little Giraffe blankets were synonymous with celebrity children. This was a homerun.

We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture, so when our favorite star is photographed with a new product, we take notice. More over, consumers are looking for validation of a product’s effectiveness, and a celebrity nod can accomplish just that.

“If someone is looking at your product for the first time and haven’t heard much about it, they might be on the fence in terms of buying,” says Melissa Cassera, publicity expert at East Coast-based Cassera Communications. “But if a consumer sees that a celebrity likes your product, it can give the validation you need and can skyrocket your sales.”

Not sure how to get your product into the hands of celebrities? Follow these simple steps:

1. Identify appropriate celebrities

According to Cassera, this is the most important step. Sit down and brainstorm which celebrities would most appreciate your product. If you produce baby rattles, target famous people who are pregnant or just had a child. Learn what causes celebrities are passionate.

“Watch the E! Channel, read Entertainment Weekly and People magazine,” suggests Cassera. “For example, I know by reading entertainment publications that Alicia Silverstone is a huge environmental activist. If I had a 100 percent organic product, I’d put her on my list.”

Cassera recommends diversifying your list between A, B, C and D-list celebrities so that the further down the alphabet you go, the easier it is to reach the person—and possibly get product recognition.

It’s also important to determine whom not to contact, notes Berson. She recommends first finding out what products the celebrity endorses, just to make sure your item isn’t a conflict of interest.

2. Choose your products

Make sure to send only your very best products—the ones you are looking to sell the most of—to a celebrity, Berson advises.


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