How to Be an Entertainer’s Publicist

An entertainer’s publicist is a celebrity assistant whose primary job is dealing with the press. This involves everything from pitching stories, assembling press kits and arranging publicity tours to performing damage control and protecting the client’s reputation. Excellent communication skills, public relations expertise, mature judgment, discretion and the ability to successfully network in all aspects and levels of media are prerequisites. Relocation to major entertainment industry hubs such as Los Angeles, New York and London is generally expected, along with the flexibility to travel and work long hours.



1.Acquire a bachelor’s degree in communications, business or journalism from an accredited university. Coursework in photography, psychology, public speaking, acting and business management may be helpful as well. If you anticipate international travel as part of your publicist duties, familiarity with foreign languages and other cultures is a plus.

2.Identify what area of the entertainment industry — film, theater, and music — represents the best fit for your interests and skills. Familiarize yourself with all aspects of this field as well as the target demographics for performers who have distinguished themselves as trendsetters and pop icons. This is essential in understanding how and where PR information about entertainers is disseminated to their fan base.


3. Pursue an internship or entry-level position with a PR firm, film studio, talent agency or event planner that works with the type of clients you want to represent as a publicist. Build your portfolio with sample press releases, press kits and proposals for feature stories, interview segments, magazine articles and books. Keep your contacts list up to date and maintain ongoing relationships with anyone from the media with whom you do business.


4. Network at industry events and keep your ears open for potential opportunities. Find mentors who are already doing publicist work for entertainers and learn from their suggestions. Ask for referrals. Contact the agents and managers of clients for whom you’d like to work. Although there may not be an opening at the time you ask, a professional demeanor and a polished portfolio may impress them to keep your name on file or recommend you to someone else.


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