What Is a Gifting Lounge?

If you are a Hollywood or television celebrity who is attending an awards show, then you may get access to a “gift lounge.” Stars know award shows for their lavish sets and giveaways. Soap Opera Digest describes the lounge as a “shopper heaven” because it is filled with booths displaying free gifts for show attendees.


A gift lounge consists of small booths or sections where gifts are displayed. Celebrities simply can move from booth to booth or section to section and select the gifts they would like. 


Representatives of the products or company, according to Soap Opera Digest, usually staff the gift booths or sections. The representatives can tell the celebrity about the product and use the opportunity to market the company. 

Tote Bags

You may be given a special tote bag–sometimes with wheels–to do your shopping in a gift lounge. 

Checking Out

Checking out with your gifts is easy. They are free, so you will not have to stand in line or pay. 

Types of Gifts

Expect a wide variety of gifts. Inside past Emmy award show gift lounges, celebrities could find Loews movie passes that provided for two people to go to the movies for free for a year, a Keurig one-cup coffee maker and beauty products. You also will find designer gifts. Access Hollywood reports that past Emmy award show gift lounges have offered celebrities free Michael Kors Trench Coat Frame sunglasses, Emilio Pucci sunglasses, LeSport Sac bags and Koolaburra boots. 

Charity Booths

Nestled among the free gift booths may be a few charity booths. At a past Emmy award show, Bertolli Oven Bakes set up a booth and asked celebrities to sign their names on the baking dishes to be sold for charity, according to Access Hollywood. Iron Horse Jeans gave each celebrity at a past Oscar award $500 worth of jeans or belts, a gift certificate for $1,000 and $500 worth of Iron Horse items to donate to a charity, according to LA Splash. 


Gift lounges also have food, snacks and wine that celebrities can taste for free. Sometimes they are offered samples in boxes that they can take home, as was the case at one Academy Awards gift lounge that offered fudge to guests, according to LA Splash.


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