How to Become a Music Publicist

Music publicists might work for labels, musicians, producers, or all three. Their work consists of bringing attention to music and the artists that produce it. Becoming a music publicist will draw on your media savvy, including your grasp of relatively new media like the Internet, and your ability to secure the trust of emerging and established artists. Being reliable and personally accountable are two major requirements for the position.
1. Organize your client information and media contacts, in a saved computer document. This will serve as your contact database, which comes in handy when you want to encourage stories or reach your client for key details. Remaining organized can make you more efficient and skilled in handling your growing client list.

2. Search out clients, if you don’t already have any. When you first begin, your clients should lend themselves to the resources you already have. For instance, if you have almost exclusively media contacts at heavy metal magazines, you shouldn’t sign a bubblegum pop artist who will need exposure in other media. When your media contacts grow, you can add and change your client list.

3. Craft a publicity strategy for your client. This strategy should be clear on the target audience, how to reach that audience, the unique “spin” on your client, and how does your client want to be perceived.

4. Put together a media package. A media package should anticipate the needs of any journalist that wants to write an article on your client. The package should include short bios, music and lyrics, press releases, and photo clips. This can be distributed digitally as well as in print.

5. Contact journalists that you know at magazines who might have an interest in your client. Pitch a story about your client, and tell them that you will be sending a media package in the mail.

6. Distribute information on the web about your client. Since music is largely publicized on the Internet, creating a web presence for your client is the first step in securing a large audience for her work.


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