Public Relations Tips for Newbies

Public Relations Tips for Newbies

“What does it take to make it in PR?”  I have four tips for recent or soon-to-be graduates searching for the keys to success in the world of public relations: be persistent, remain confident, listen and write.


Persistence: persistence is a powerful tool in the PR industry.  As cliché as it may sound, persistence in PR means never giving up on fighting for your cause, idea, company or what you’re trying to communicate to your audience. Most importantly, never take “no” for an answer without a good explanation as to why. The “why” is important because it helps you listen. It helps you understand how to fine-tune your message to reach appropriate audiences.

Confidence: Whether you are pitching a new product to an editor or brainstorming website design ideas with co-workers, you must be confident with your words and learn to speak up. You need to know your subject, why you are talking about it and why others should care.  In PR, confidence isn’t always about being right, it’s about being secure enough to say, “I don’t know, but I will find you the answer.” And the successful people in PR follow-up with those answers, no matter the question or situation.


Listen: If you start a new job with the attitude that you know everything, your chances of survival are minimal. As a new grad, you have no idea how your company conducts its business or interacts with clients or one another. It’s your job to listen to everything and absorb as much knowledge as possible. Whether you are taking instructions from your boss, listening to a client about a new idea or observing a conversation in the office, take in all the details. Emerging yourself into a new environment isn’t always easy, but by listening, you can gather a great deal of information. This advice goes triple for reading daily – take in as much news, content, advice and tips that you can.


Write: In today’s PR industry, the skill of writing is a necessary tool. As a new member of your PR team you will correspond with others via many written channels and create original content.  It’s even more critical that your message come across as clear as possible.  The short, more concise and to the point your writing is, the more attention you will receive.

Obviously, there are numerous factors that make an individual successful in PR, but these tips should help you get a jump start in your career.


What other tips would you recommend to a new PR executive?



  1. Great tips! Especially for a pr major about to graduate next May. Pr hopefuls need to recognize the importance of all of these!

  2. Great advice, thank you! I am not a new graduate, but I am new to PR. I think this is useful information for women in marketing as well.

  3. Great post!

  4. Love your blog!

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