Why Even Bother Pitching to the Media?

Why Even Bother Pitching to the Media?

Here are seven reasons why and how the phone still works.

Pitching is an important element of media relations strategy. But many still rely on traditional form of sending in boring and lengthy press releases.

Why even bother pitching when emailing and faxing in is so much easier?

Well, if you still have that mindset, then it is time to change. I will share seven reasons why you should pick up the phone and pitch your story.

1. Attract attention: The media is often overloaded with so many invitations, press releases and emails. By pitching, you automatically bring their attention to your story.

2. Communicate directly: By pitching, you are communicating to the journalists and editors. This will make them aware of your organization. Not only it will put a human touch to your press release or invitation, it shows that you are taking the initiative to contact them.

3. Stressing important elements: When you pitch, you actually highlight the important elements of your event directly; sometimes these are the same things that would have been neglected by the busy eyes of a hurried journalist or editor.


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