The Two Biggest Public Relations Mistakes

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Synopsis: The first PR mistake people generally make is that  they fail to understand that a media relations campaign is a means to an  end; it is an avenue, not the destination.  The second mistake is  thinking that once a story or segment is placed that all you have to do  is sit back and wait for miracles to happen.  Read on:

You want to go into a PR campaign with anticipation and  confidence that it’s going to succeed.  But you don’t want to mistake  the campaign with your ultimate objective.  The first PR mistake  people usually make is failing to understand that a media relations  campaign is a means to an end, it is an avenue, not the destination. Sure, there are those people who want to be in the media simply to be  in the media, but that’s not a club you want to join.  You want to have  definite objectives, specific goals.

There are a number of reasons people launch media campaigns, the  objective could be to sell more products, attract more clients, or  establish yourself as one of the premiere experts in your field.  All of  those objectives are valid and only you know what would best meet your  business needs.  Once you define your objectives, you can then structure  and define your campaign based on those needs.  You’ll know which  stories and hooks will work the best and; you’ll understand which media  outlets will most effectively reach your target market and tell your  story.

Defining your business objectives needs to be your starting  place.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll better understand what stories  will work and which media outlets will be the most appropriate.  Once  your goals are clearly defined, you can move forward with your  campaign.  You’ll have a blueprint, a roadmap, you won’t simply be going  after media coverage, you’ll be launching a campaign with a purpose.

The second public relations mistake that people  generally make is thinking that garnering media is the beginning, middle  and/ or end of a campaign. Landing coverage is the start, an  incredibly important start, yet still, it’s simply the start.  Too many  entrepreneurs and companies land media coverage and then simply sit back  and wait for the flood gates to open.  That is not how effective PR  works.  Once you land a magazine article or a TV segment, use that  placement to help land other media coverage.  Use your media in your  advertising, in your direct marketing and in all of your promotional  efforts.  Use it online, post it on Facebook, Tweet it, Digg it, create a  YouTube channel and spotlight it.  You can use social media to magnify  and amplify your media coverage, no matter whether it’s a small local  newspaper article or a segment on a national TV outlet.

But the trick is that you have to work it, you have to use your  media.  It’s not enough that you landed a newspaper story or TV segment;  you need to utilize and maximize it. PR is cumulative.  It’s an ongoing  process.  The more you work it, the more it works.  So, work it.

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