10 Ways to Create an Online Newsroom Today

10 Ways to Create an Online Newsroom Today

Creating an online newsroom may be a low priority in your public relations campaign but it could be costing you free publicity. In 10 steps, you can have a content-rich newsroom live today.

Press Releases Always publish your press releases to your online newsroom, even though you routinely send them out to the media. Keep your press release section up-to-date. Make it a habit to post your press release to your site the same day you submit it to the media.

Images/Logos An image gallery is a must. You can include high-quality images of your executives, your facilities, your logo and your products. Making these images available to journalists will save you a lot of time and give you instant, quality content for your online newsroom.

Videos Video is a nice extra for any online newsroom. You can post your commercials, even embedding them if you’ve published your commercial on YouTube. Shooting a video tour of your facility, as long as its relevant and professional, is another option for your videos section.

News-Related FAQs Journalists often hit your online newsroom first when they have a question about your company. You can answer these common questions in an FAQ section that gives journalists fast answers to their questions. Sample questions might be, “How many states are you in?”, “What products and services do you offer?”, “Who are your customers?”, etc.

Historical Timeline You don’t have to create a fancy Flash timeline to walk journalists through your company history. A one-page text timeline calling out certain dates that are important to your company is perfectly fine. Pictures like your company being built, a ribbon cutting when you opened the doors for the first time, an inside shot of your facility, a map showing the cities you’ve expanded to, even a screenshot of your website are all simple ways to dress up your company’s historical timeline.

Executive Bios Include executive bios and their pictures within your online newsroom. It’s also a good idea to include your PR person’s bio and picture within the executive bios section so journalists can put a face to the name. This also makes it easier for journalists to find your PR person at trade shows, press conferences and other media events.

Awards and Recognition Show off your awards and achievements. This information often ends up in articles so make sure you’re touting all of the awards and recognition your company has received over the years.

Your Customers If you have contracts with certain companies and have the right to disclose who those companies are, list them. Get a hold of their logo and make a page of logos to show who your customers are. This page can say a lot about your company by showing who buys your products and services.

Upcoming Events Where will you be this year? You might just be attending the same event a journalist who wants to interview you is going to as well. By publishing the upcoming events you’ll be attending, even the upcoming events you’re holding at your location, you’re giving the media every opportunity to make a connection with you. You’re also showing you have a presence in the industry so keep your upcoming events page updated.

Contact Perhaps the easiest content to add to your online newsroom is a contact page. List your PR person, mailing address, the phone number, fax number, Email address – every way possible a journalist can contact your media person to give your company free publicity.


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