How To Harness Twitter For Public Relations

How To Harness Twitter For Public Relations

When the micro-blogging site Twitter first appeared on the
scene, few people knew what to make of it. It was a
combination blog site and social network, and people quickly
set out to find out how to leverage the hot new service.
Fortunately for PR professionals, Twitter has proven to be
an excellent avenue for public relations and even media
Here are just a few ways that PR pros are using Twitter:
1.) Promoting Companies or Products – The 140 character
Tweet is at the heart of Twitter. People tweet about
everything from what they had to breakfast to jokes to a
problem with a company. Savvy PR pros can use the 140
character Tweet to build buzz around companies, products,
services or individuals. Suggestions for Tweets include
hinting about new products, offering special promotions to
Twitter followers, or hosting contests such as allowing
Twitter followers to name a new menu item to win a free meal
or offering a prize to whoever comes up with the most
creative Tweet about why they love your product.
2.) Answering Questions – While Tweeting about your product
can often fall into the realm of marketing, answering
questions is where PR pros shine. Use the website to set up various searches
with your company, product names, services, industry, or
competitors as the keywords. When someone asks a question
about your company or your industry, jump in to answer it.
You will be perceived as helpful and probably gain a new
follower and thus a target for your PR message.
3.) Getting on Top of Bad Press – When bad press strikes, it
can go viral in seconds thanks to social media such as
Twitter and Facebook. Fortunately, Twitter can be use to
fight fire with fire, pointing your followers (which always
tend to increase during a time of crisis) to your response
to the situation and quickly answering questions and
diffusing rumors.
4.) Monitoring Reputation – Twitter search
( can also be used to monitor what
people are saying about you. If someone consistently raves
about your product, you might want to offer them a freebie
or special treat. On the other hand, if you notice a segment
of Twitter speaking unkindly of your company, you are on top
of it and can form a plan of action to nip it in the bud.
5.) Meeting Reporters and Bloggers – Reporters and bloggers
have taken to social media like ducks to water. They often
search for sources on social media or Tweet about the types
of stories they are working on. This can be a goldmine for
PR pros. Further, according to the Journalists Speak Out on
PR newsletter, many reporters and bloggers prefer to be
pitched via Twitter because it forces PR pros to get to the
point in 140 characters or less.
The most interesting thing about Twitter is that people are
developing new ways to use it every day. PR pros should
follow lots of people, including industry leaders,
competitors, influential Twitterers, and the general public,
and learn from them when it comes to taming this new
technology for your PR efforts.
Mickie Kennedy Founder, CEO, &


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