I have been known in the past to post on twitter what a publicist is not.  In honor of closing out 2011 I will give you some of my favorites.

1. Promoting parties does not make you a publicist, it makes you a PROMOTER.

2. A real publicist does not walk the RED CARPET with your client.

3. If you are drinking with your client in the club and getting drunk, you are not a publicist.

4. My favorite courtsey @prsportsgirl La Tonya Story DO NOT GET IN THIS BUSINESS TO GET A HUSBAND. (Try! That is my statemement).

5. Do not get on your twitter page talking about getting drunk or having sex, you never know who is following you.

6. If you are half naked on twitter page and call yourself a publicist, who is going to take you seriously?

7. PR is not the Spin Crowd.

8. PR Is not Samantha Jones from Sex And The City

9. PR is not partying and going to the Hamptons.

10. Being a socialite or a model does not make you a publicist.

11. If you are a music publicist, booking your client’s gigs is not your job you are not a Manger or Agent.

12. A publicist does not go shopping or pick up dry cleaning ,if your client has you doing that, tell them to hire an assistant.


14. All Money Is NOT Good Money!

When are the suits in Hollywood going to figure out that reality shows about “the glamorous world of celebrity PR” are doomed to fail?
It didn’t work for powerhouse celebrity publicist Lizzie Grubman, (“PoweR Girls” on MTV) who went from celebrity publicist to annoying celebrity, publicist.

So, why make a reality show about publicists who promote celebrities’ products or pay celebrities to endorse products? Two words: Kim Kardashian.

The E series followed the fake office goings-on of the publicity house run by a bore (and close Kim friend) named Jonathan Cheban. Think of him as “The Devil Makes Everyone Else Wear Prada.”

He chewed with his mouth open, talked with his mouth full, debased his staff and acted like a celebrity kingmaker, not a product pusher, which is what he really is.

This show was such garbage.  Ours is an industry that has completely revolutionised in recent past as media channels have fragmented and evolved, and as the role of social media and the power of the consumer continues to escalate. PR is a hugely valuable communications tool in the modern media environment: it is effective, good value and can have meaningful, lasting effects on consumer behaviour. It takes talent, intelligence and dedication to deliver well.

Most importantly, PR attracts intelligent, creative, diverse talent from a massive swathe of society.

Sometimes I wonder how many of tomorrow’s generation of real PR practitioners might take another look at advertising before taking the plunge.

People let’s NOT go into 2012 giving PR a bad image.  Take a look at what you are doing and be proud to be in this industry!



  1. A very informative and astute look at the role of a Publicist. PR is an integral part of all business and when done correctly will reap many results for your clients.

  2. Sapphire Ink PR says:


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