Why Celebrity Publicists Will Soon Be a Thing Of the Past

Why Celebrity Publicists Will Soon Be a Thing Of the Past

Page Six has a story about a celebrity publicist named Amanda Silverman who, like other publicists, makes a fabulous living fabricating lies for their clients.

They write that when news broke of a woman being assaulted by Chris Brown, Silverman was asked how Rihanna was doing:

Silverman claimed Rihanna, her client, had only been in a traffic mishap, and said she was “fine.” She told another reporter the “Umbrella” singer was “well. Thank you for your concern and support.” [LINK]

The fact of the matter is, some publicists are paid ridiculous fees ($6,000 and up per month) to basically lie their asses off and keep the public in the dark about their clients. The more money they make, the bigger the lies they tell and the happier their clients are.

The tide began to change for publicists when shock jocks like Wendy Williams and celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton came along.

Purveyors of truth like Wendy and Perez are the anti-publicists. The public is hungry for the real low down on celebrities and that’s what drives millions of listeners and viewers to Wendy and Perez daily.

It would be wise for publicists to recognize that fact because some in the mainstream media are already bypassing publicists and going directly to the blogs to pull information for their stories.

Pretty soon, lying publicists will be a thing of the past and the blogs will be in total control of disseminating celebrity information.



  1. This is so true!! Involved in this type of thing right now!!


  2. Perez anti publicist? Ummmmm…

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