7 things I love/hate about public relations

7 things I love/hate about public relations

By Jennifer Nichols

I have a love/hate relationship with my public relations job, and it’s pretty much been that way my entire career. Other PR pros can attest that the highs in our occupation are incredible but the lows can be devastating.

Yet I keep on trucking. I guess deep down I really do enjoy what I do.

Here are the top seven things I love/hate about PR:

1. I love the intensity of helping media connect with others and providing them with information for stories; I hate that if someone can’t come through on an interview, it’s my reputation on the line.

2. I love the sense of accomplishment when I see a feature story on the front page of a top media target that I made happen; I hate when a client acts like it’s just an everyday story placement.

3. I love the sense of completion when all interviews are done and information is sent to the reporter; I hate the lack of control over the final product.

4. I love helping a company clean up and simplify its message; I hate it when they don’t listen.

5. I love the peace of mind of having a crisis communications plan; I hate when a company doesn’t understand the value of drafting the plan until a crisis strikes.

6. I love being paid; I hate doing time sheets.

7. I love telling people I work in PR; I hate that no one outside of the industry understands what I do.

What do you love/hate about your job or the industry? Jennifer Nichols is co-founder and CEO ofFlackList, where media can easily search, source, connect and maintain relationships with PR reps and experts within a social network setting.



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