Managing a Public Relations Campaign-Basics for Developing a Solid PR Strategy for Your Public Relations Campaign

From Apryl Duncan For small business or even individuals, managing your public relations campaign may seem impossible. Don't ignore the many opportunities you have to get free coverage with your own PR campaign, though.1. Press Releases- Any effective PR campaign is going to include press releases. When you have news about your company and … [Read more...]

10 Differences Between Advertising and Public Relations

10 Differences Between Advertising and Public Relations

  If you're searching for a career or trying to promote your company, you may have questions about advertising vs. public relations. These two industries are very different even though they're commonly confused as being one and the same. The following ten properties just scratch the surface of the many differences between advertising and … [Read more...]

TOP 10 Advice For Publicist On The Red Carpet

  1. You are working, not attending. The free-flowing champagne is for celebrity guests and party attendees, not you! 2. Just because you walk a celebrity down a red carpet does not mean they are your new friend. Always keep it professional, short and sweet. You have a job to perform. 3. Don’t ever ask to take a picture with a … [Read more...]