Dallas Maverick ‘s Mark Cuban advises start-ups to never hire a PR firm. Your take?

Dallas Maverick ‘s Mark Cuban advises start-ups to never hire a PR firm. Your take?

Post from the PR Breakfast Club's daily newsletter: A series of opinion pieces last week by Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire business mogul Mark Cuban asserting that startups "should never hire a PR firm" got the PR world buzzing with outrage. But does he have a point or is it too general a brushstroke to paint that PR can "never" … [Read more...]

How to Design Creative Public Relations Promotions

  You need to promote your public relations plan, which requires some creativity. Make your public-relations promotion tactics as creative, sharp, original, and engaging as possible with these tips: The media is looking for news. News, by definition, is anything that is new, different, and creative. The most successful PR ideas aren’t … [Read more...]

Publicity tips: Building PR momentum

Just a little bit of media attention may be all it takes for your publicity to snowball, taking your micro business out of obscurity and into the spotlight. Read on for some more publicity tips. This article is by: Philippa Lowe If you’ve never been in the press, securing media coverage or garnering attention for your business is not usually an … [Read more...]

So you think you’re an expert?

Being quoted as a subject matter expert in the media can give you and your business enormous PR leverage. But what does it take to convince a journo of your expertise? You may be a real master at what you do and so consider yourself an expert. But the media have a particular view of what exactly makes an expert. There are certain unspoken … [Read more...]

Network with Journalists and Radio or TV Producers

It’s critical to establish and nurture your personal brand everywhere you go online. You’ll never know when the media is watching you. How can you get yourself in front of the media to be considered? The old-fashioned way of doing this is by sending out press releases or calling journalists and pitching story ideas. Today these approaches aren’t as … [Read more...]