How to create a successful media campaign

Every day publications of all description need words to fill their pages. Someone has to provide those words, it might as well be you! When seeking to get your story into print, a successful media campaign can really make a difference. Let’s assume that you’ve either followed all the guides on preparing media material, or you have hired a … [Read more...]

7 Tips: What to Look For in a Publicist or Public Relations Agency

posted by Erika Montgomery The best publicist or public relations agency for you is the one that is not only aligned with your business goals, but has experience in executing a marketing strategy that is a fit for you and your business. A very good public relations agency will not only align with your desired outcomes, but will have creative … [Read more...]

Should I be a PR intern?

Successful PR pros have a wide variety of higher educational experience -- ranging from none, to PhDs, with undergraduate degrees from fine arts to physics. Most important is that you have the ability to research, analyze, strategize and communicate. I would strongly recommend, while you are still in college, do an internship somewhere in PR. … [Read more...]