Tips For Writing Fact Sheets

So now, you know how to write a press release, but how do you communicate more general information about your business, and its products or services? Fact sheets are an excellent way to break down complicated information into easily grasped, bite-size pieces so that editors and reporters can easily find specific information that will be useful to them.

A fact sheet is an essential tool used in public relations to provide an overall view of your company. Though fact sheets can stand alone, they are more commonly submitted along with a press release or media kit. Along with illustrating the five “W” questions for your business: who, what, where, when, why and how, the basic format for a fact sheet would include the following components:

1) Your business name, address, and phone number should be on the upper left. If you are using a company letterhead, this step should be disregarded.

2) A contact name, title, and phone number should be on the upper right.

3) Triple Space down and type the name of the subject, which should be centered and in uppercase letters.

4) Double Space down and type “Fact Sheet”, which should also be centered and in bold.

5) The body of the fact sheet is setup in two columns. The left side includes the headings, such as history, mission, visions, purpose, future, description of services, etc., all in uppercase lettering. The right side, consisting of short sentences will contain the heading descriptions.

6) The document should not be any longer than one to two pages. If the fact sheet is longer than one page, type “more” at the center of the bottom of the first page. At the end of the fact sheet center and insert, “###”, to signify the end.

7) The last step is to double space down and type in the month and the year, flush right.

By Daniel Janal,,



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