20  Common Misconceptions About PR

20 Common Misconceptions About PR


Here are a few common misconceptions about public relations that we have encountered over the last 22+ years while working in the industry.

  • PR is full of beautiful women, fast cars and long lunches
  • PR is a soft career option
  • PRs work short hours are drink champagne all day
  • PR is absolutely fabulous darling
  • A PR degree is a prerequisite (I’d argue the opposite can be the case)
  • PR is full of buzzwords and jargon
  • PR = press releases
  • Cuttings are king (what about inbound links and a million and one other metrics?)
  • Bullshitters make good PRs (wrong, it’s a consultancy led business)
  • Most PRs get digital (most don’t I’m afraid)
  • Advertising Equivalent Value (AVE) is a good KPI (so, wrong)
  • You can’t be direct, upfront and honest with clients or journalists
  • Journalists make good PR (only a few can do make the jump.  You know who you are)
  • Working in house in PR is more boring than agency side
  • Good copywriters are good PRs
  • Creativity is more important that strategy
  • You need to be in New York or LA to forge a career in PR
  • Big agencies are better than independents
  • PR sits in isolation from marketing
  • PR is not relevant for the c-suite

Tell us what other misconceptions you have heard, we love to hear it!




  1. That PR is all about the spin – NOT!!!

  2. Lisa Bast says:

    How about – “everyone knows PR what PR is so everyone can “do” PR!”
    And, “PR can increase sales, get more patients and do exactly what marketing can do.”

  3. PR is not a specialized field/ is “easy”

    I’m a journo and this is a misconception I and most of my colleagues have had. There’s specialized knowledge and no, you will NOT just pick it up! lol

  4. PR means Facebooking and Tweeting all day. – NOT!

  5. A Publicist is the same as an Agent or Manager and is responsible for bringing revenue producing opportunities to their clients.

  6. I’m reiterating the first comment – that it is all spin!

    Also, that it’s all about covering things up and helping people and companies “save face”.

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