How to Begin an Entertainment Publicity Career

How to Begin an Entertainment Publicity Career


If you are passionate about the entertainment industry but would rather work behind the scenes, consider working as a publicist. As a publicist, you will work with artists, musicians and actors, helping guide their careers by creating buzz in the media about your clients. Publicists are responsible for setting up interviews and other promotional appearances by their clients. Entertainment publicists tend to be outgoing people who understand how the media business works and how to get their client into the spotlight.

Do internship work with local musicians or artists while in college to gain experience. Practice writing press releases, getting your clients interviews in the school or local paper and drum up interest in their shows by creating posters and other promotional material.

Look for other internship possibilities with established PR firms or newspapers while in college. Create a portfolio of your best pieces to showcase later when looking for a job or soliciting clients. Clippings from your college newspaper are ideal for this portfolio as well as any press releases you have written.

Move to an entertainment hub, such as Los Angeles or New York. Look for entry jobs at PR firms or agencies where you can work your way up.

Network constantly with people in the industry. Build up contacts and solicit potential clients. Realize it is a competitive industry and becoming an entertainment publicist will take a lot of time and energy before you can even dream of A-list clients



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