Working Hard, Not Hardly Working at the Internship

So, here I am at HMA!

But how did I get here, you ask?

As a full-time, working college student, I think it is safe to say that at times life can get overwhelming.  Between the late nights studying, papers and everyday demands of life, there are times I find myself thinking, “Can I ever just catch a break?”  But as I look around and see friends and fellow classmates graduating, I can’t help but wonder if I am working to my full potential, or if I was allowing myself to fall under the “senioritis” spell?

Approaching my last and final year, I knew I had a decision to make.  Am I going to work hard, or be someone who is hardly working?  Refusing to become a senior that just slides through my final year of school, this past summer I took some additional classes, including one led by none other than Abbie S. Fink, HMA’s vice president/general manager, who taught me all about marketing and promotions.  With my goal of one day working in the public relations industry in mind, I made it a point to work hard and learn as much as I could from the class.  By the end of the class, I found myself eager to learn more and excited to jump at every opportunity possible.

Finding the right opportunity was easier said than done.  When I was finally ready to throw in the towel on my search to find an internship, I remembered HMA and decided to reach out to Abbie about internship opportunities.  Lo and behold, my hard work in the class along with sheer determination landed me my first internship.

It is now the spring semester, and I am proud to say I am officially a member of the HMA family,as their intern.  Only having been here a week, I am anticipating the projects and things that I will get to do and learn while I am here.  Just some of the items on my internship wish list:

  • Crafting effective story pitches
  • Establishing and maintaining client relationships
  • Enhancing my social media skills

I also sit here and wonder:

  • Am I cut out for a job in this industry?
  • Am I going to mess up?
  • Will I be good at this?

As I close out my second week here at HMA, I look forward to seeing the progress my hard work will bring. I would also love to get some tips from you all in the blogosphere about how to best take advantage of this opportunity as well as hear about your own internships. I will even take the horror stories! Anything you care to share?

A Tip for Tuesday – Working Hard, Not Hardly Working at the Internship originally appeared onHMA Public Relations, Phoenix AZ, Full-Service PR Firm



  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for more responsibility! I am also a senior and have internships were I completed my tasks quicker than expected then was left bored to surf the internet.

    The worst thing for you to do would be get caught doing nothing or to be BORED out of your mind on the job!

  2. “■Am I cut out for a job in this industry?
    ■Am I going to mess up?
    ■Will I be good at this?”

    You know, I think all interns ask questions such as those. It can be a little overwhelming when you first start out but don’t get discouraged! You’re skill sets will grow and so will your confidence! 🙂
    I wish you all the best with your internship! 🙂

    Laura Taylor

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