Beauty PR, Beauty Public Relations

Beauty PR, Beauty Public Relations

This post originally appeared in Allison’s Word Blog

By: Allison Kuge

Beauty public relations is probably, truth be told, the most fun for any publicist to do, simply because skin care, color cosmetics, hair care, you name it… makes every woman feel special and pampered. Even something as simple as buying a new scented body lotion can sometimes make you feel almost as though you have had a makeover. Add to that, a great self tanner and a new tinted lip gloss and you feel like a million bucks! Am I lying?

The drawback to purchasing any beauty products or even in publicizing beauty products is in sorting though all of the clutter. How do you do that? Whether you are a PR firm who is handling a beauty account or simply a consumer heading to your local Sephora, CVS pharmacy or department store beauty counter, every brand claims to have the best beauty line on the market and you just don’t know where to begin or where to spend your dollars. It can be overwhleming and turn something fun into a daunting task. So, I break it down as follows. Specifically speaking, my I am handling beauty public relations and promoting a beauty brandor beauty line, I break it down by product. It is not as easy to get an entire beauty or cosmeticsbrand noticed as it is to get one super star product noticed amongst the clutter. it is all about piece mealing by product. For example, as someone who has done the leg work I can tell you this:

Victoria’s Secret, beleive it or not, makes the best mascara MAC makes the best lip colors, just in terms of pigmant and texture they are pretty superior SUN, in my opinion, makes the best, most natural looking self-tanner and I recommend the SUN cream for the face neck and chest areas and their foam for the entire body application. NARS makes incredible blush (both powder and cream/powder in a stick). And their highlighters make your skin glow. I recommend “Orgasm” powder blush and cream blush in a stick form Eye color and eye pencils, I am a huge fan of Chanel For those with sensitive skin look no further than Clinique. Clinique will not steer you wrong and their color cosmetics are pretty good. I actually really like their lip closses, especially berry blush.

So there you have it. I am not brand loyal! I go for the best possible beauty product. When I am doing public relations for a beauty brand I always ask to try to line and I pick out about 3 superstars out of the whole product bunch and we tout the genius of those particular products and why they are a must have in every woman’s makeup bag. If you have a beauty brand think about which product you ar emost proud of and which brand is really the anchor of the entire line. Which product did you really nurture to make it superior in the market? Once identifying your stand out product you are ready to promote it to editors, bloggers, buyers and consumers. Why do women have to have it? What beauty problem does it fix and why or how?



  1. Thanks for the advice! I really liked reading your post!

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