Do your PR like Lady Gaga!

Do your PR like Lady Gaga!

Unique, talented, sexy and often down right strange, whether you’re commenting on her style, her music or her monsters, everyone knows what Lady Gaga is about.

Lady Gaga has mastered her brand and this is down to effective Public Relations, building the reputation which, to this day, she relies upon to further her career. So, lets take a page out of her book and do PR like Gaga.

You are probably aware of PR practitioners, but are you really sure what a PR department does? If, like Gaga, you want to manage what people think of you and your business, (whilst making money at the same time) PR is essential.

Regardless of the size or turnover of your business, its reputation is essential. Gaga has created her status as a world wide mega-star, not only through her music, but through effective communication undertaken by her PR team. What you mean to your customers, suppliers, employees and investors is vital, as the opinions held by these stakeholders in to your business can make or break your brands survival in the market.

In an industry saturated with female pop singers, Lady Gaga’s PR team made an impact by creating a reputation of uniqueness and talent that is better than the rest. In every industry, you’re likely to have competition, so your reputation, built by your PR department, should be the part that puts you above the rest in the mind of your customer, making you their first choice.

A PR department for any organisation, manages the reputation through communication and effective relationship building. By controlling what is being said about your company by others, PR can influence the behavior of your target audience, including their buying habits (something Gaga has illustrated through her CD sales). An effective PR department will maintain a positive perception of your business and a mutual understanding of your organisation, and its publics or audiences.

In different organisations, Public Relations can take different forms and different names, so you may have experience working with PR and not even know. Various names to describe Public Relations services can include public information, investor relations, public affairs, corporate communication and many more. Although none of these roles fully cover what PR is about, they are all an essential part of what PR is.

PR departments conduct research, collect feedback and communicate with consumers to evaluate the concerns and expectations of an organisation’s publics. By addressing the views held by them, an organisation can show that it cares about its publics by addressing their concerns and solving their problems.

So when working with PR, it’s essential to understand what you’re representing, whether it’s a superstar singer or a firm of solicitors you must know your organisation inside out. Following that, understand who you’re presenting to; from monsters, to confused SME’s, know your audience and address them personally. The increased understanding and communication that public relations can bring to your business, transports you closer to your publics. It gives them a voice to express their issues, views and compliments meaning you as a business can grow with them in mind and make a business centered around happy consumers!

If Gaga can do it, why can’t you?



  1. Jessica Medearis says:

    I just wrote a post about Lady Gaga on my blog a view weeks ago. You’re absolutely correct; Lady Gaga is a PR genius. However, another big thing that helps her is the way she’s leveraged Twitter to connect with her fans. She has the most followers in Twitter history and her fan base is continuing to grow. When is comes to leveraging social media there is a lot that PR professionals can take out of Lady Gaga’s book.

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