Fashion 101: The Office of a PR Fashionista

Surfing the net we ran across this great blogger.  This is an excellent detailed event of a fashion publicist.

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Fashion PR is an interesting world to study from a far. Fast doesn’t even begin to describe the pace, and multi-tasking does not nearly do justice to how much you do every second. Not to mention you do all this while looking impossibly fabulous right? Here is a glimpse into the office of a PR fashionista.

A Fashionista's Office Desk

You practically live at your desk when working in fashion, especially fashion PR. Therefore you have necessary makeup and hair tools so that you can freshen up before you have to cab across town to an event for a client. Shoes are very important. You run errands and commute in Tom’s a must-have for any New Yorker quite honestly, and so that you don’t cart your whole life in your purse everywhere you fabulous shoes (a couple pairs) live under your desk. Arrive at 9am slip off thecomfy Tom’s and rock your statement Louboutins for the next 9 hours.

While working you are flipping through magazines, scanning placements for each of your clients, and flagging new ideas to pitch to editors of all the top publications. Additionally, you are surrounded by samples of your clients. Have a perfume client? That perfume bottle is on your desk. Did you host an event a new accessory line launch? A bright bauble sits under your monitor. And clothing samples are always coming and going in garment bags all day. When Vogue magazine requests Look #3 from the last runway show to shoot for the April issue…you messenger that dress across town instantly.

Inspiring photos are on your wall to daily keep your creative juices flowing. Snacksare very important because you often do not eat a proper lunch…and you definitely do not get an hour lunch break. Then let’s not forget your past work, the blueprints of your old fashion show seating charts are rolled up behind your desk to refer to for next season.

And then your favorite sample dress is hanging close by your desk to best represent your client when you attend their latest launch event over cocktails after work. Make sure you make your Starbucks run to keep your energy in tact. The office of a PR fashionista is not for the faint of heart, but certainly has it’s compelling rewards


Are you ready to be a PR Fashionista?

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