25 reasons To Run Away From A Prospective Client

25 reasons To Run Away From A Prospective Client

Want to know when to run away from a prospective client? Here are 25 reasons:

1. We give them a good proposal with a fairly priced budget and they want to decrease the budget without decreasing the scope of work.

2. They balk at any of the terms spelled out in “The Business Side of Our Relationship”

3. They will not agree to advance payment.

4.  They want to see actual finished product before paying anything.

5. They only want to pay for results, not our time in trying to achieve those results.

6. They ask for special payment terms extending beyond our usual policy in this regard.

7. They want to “test us” before committing to a business relationship and that test involves what we do for a living and normally charge for.

8. They want us to produce spec work before deciding to hire us.

9. They want us to take shares in their company in lieu of cash for our fees.

10. They refuse or procrastinate about signing a letter of agreement.

11. They try to pit us against competing agencies in order to obtain special concessions.

12. They are under-capitalized.

13. They have no business plan and /or cannot articulate their business goals or company vision.

14. They are unclear relative to their expectations of us.

15. They have trouble making decisions.

16. They are overly bureaucratic and/or involve committees in every decision.

17. They cannot or will not meet deadlines or respond to us in a timely manner.

18. They do not return our phone calls within a reasonable time.

19. They are rude or exhibit abusive behavior with others in their office in  addition to us.

20. They think they know it all and will not listen.

21. They have no or inadequate commitment to public relations as an important part of their business.

22. Their reputation is questionable or negative with customers,vendors, and/or other service providers.

23. They have had several different PR firms in relatively short period of time.

24. Their associates do not seem to like or respect them.

25. The atmosphere in their office is overly strained or negative.

RUN, DO NOT WALK…… away from any of these prospects. NO ONE NEEDS BUSINESS THAT BADLY!



  1. This is so true!! Especially #13 and 14! The real question I have ladies is….what do you do when your client won’t listen to you?

  2. Reblogged this on A.PR.Firm and commented:
    this is an awesome straight forward post! The truth! Thanks womeninpr!

  3. Ahmed Al Banna says:

    True enough!

  4. Jessica Medearis says:

    I did not realize that things like this actually happen in the real world. I think that boutique agencies probably need to be especially careful about this because they may attract clients that don’t have their act together. Moral of the story is, don’t work for free and don’t allow someone to question the quality of your work!

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