5 fashion PR tips for winning coverage in Vogue

Securing editorial placement in a major top-tier fashion magazine such as Vogue is no easy feat. Consider these five things before approaching editors and pitching your designs to the major glossies.
Plan your pitches using editorial calendars
Editors for major publications like Vogue are bombarded with pitches and people vying for their attention. Cut through the noise and effectively grab their attention by referring to the current editorial calendar.
While developed with advertisers in mind, this document will tell you when the magazine is planning to write about certain stories or publishing a themed issue. Most often, editors only have time to write about or consider pitches that are relevant to this calendar, so make ed-cal pitching your top priority.
Face up to face-to-face meetings
All things being equal, people usually prefer doing business with friends. To throw in another business cliché, networking is essential in fashion PR.
To be effective at regularly getting into prominent publications, do what you can to meet editors face to face. Attend similar events or reach out to your personal network and see someone that can get you even five minutes of face time. The more familiar they are with you, the more likely they are to respond to your emails, phone calls, invites for drinks, etc. Be gracious and considerate of their time, but also be persistent.
Product placement opens doors
Get your product out there. Send samples to costume designers that work for studios or event coordinators. When your product is seen on an episode of “Gossip Girl” or is part of a media-covered event, you can use that information to pitch an editor. Even if she doesn’t have time to take your call, the potential returns from effective product placement cannot be understated.
Broaden your circulation
Sure, it would be great to land a great editorial spot in every major fashion publication. But the truth is a bit more tenuous. Don’t expect to be included in every publication. That said, your realized return will be much greater if you reach out to as many publications as possible, and there are likely many publications aside from the big top-tier mags that fit your customer. While it is time consuming to constantly reach out and follow up to multiple publications, it is absolutely essential for effective, consistent media coverage.
It’s time vs. money
Whether it’s working with a fashion PR firm or trying to gain access to events you know certain editors will attend, the old saying goes “ you get what you pay for.” Expect to invest considerable time getting the attention of editors, following up with the appropriate people, and building rapport. As a fashion entrepreneur, your time is money. Remember that fashion PR is an art—and an investment.
Polina Raygorodskaya is president of Polina Fashion LLC. Find her online athttp://www.polinafashion.com or email her info@polinafashion.com. A version of this story first appeared on the site PR Couture.


  1. Jessica Medearis says:

    I think these principles apply to the PR world in general, not just fashion PR. We discussed these concepts repeatedly in on of my PR classes, however I can see how this directly applies to Fashion PR, given that it is a very tight-knit industry that is difficult to get into without strong contacts.

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