How To Gracefully Fire a Client

Clients come in many varieties. Some are thoughtful, professional, cooperative and ALWAYS pay on time. Then there are the other ones. When a client goes beyond “difficult,” to being such a burden on your resources that your other clients suffer, then you may have no choice but to cut the cord. There are many legitimate reasons to end a client … [Read more...]

Putting a Value on PR

Measuring the return on PR investment. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but how much is a profile in the hometown paper worth? Or a mention on national TV? Anyone who's hired a public-relations firm knows it's not easy to measure the return on PR. But many smart companies have found a way to do just that. Here's how some companies are … [Read more...]

Does The Field Of Public Relations Need A PR Rep?

Does The Field Of Public Relations Need A PR Rep?

By:Meredith Lepore originally posted on : Does Public Relations Need A PR REP? In the response, which is being tweeted as BREAKING NEWS: PR GIRLS ARE NOT MEAN GIRLS, the writer (who isn’t identified, but we assume is either DKNY rep Aliza Licht or someone on her team) politely said she loved the movie Mean … [Read more...]

Do Typos Matter?

By: Rene Shimada Siegel In an age of tiny keyboards and emoticons, you may think typos don't matter. Until the Romney team misspells "America." In the era of tiny keyboards and social media, flying thumbs and emoticons, English majors everywhere are having conniption fits. Typos are inevitable, but do they really matter? For business … [Read more...]

10 Ingredients to Make Your Event Execution Easy

Author Linzy Roussel Cotaya Being in PR means that you plan and execute events to perfection and no detail is forgotten. Each PR pro has their style for planning and how they work to get it all done. There is a recipe for event planning which includes a little creativity, a little OCD, a little leadership and a dash of caffeine. When you put it … [Read more...]


Throughout most of our photo shoot, there was a consistent hum of iPhones buzzing, emergency calls and the occasional client making an impromptu drop-in. It was enough to make my head spin and I was merely watching. How these women managed to perform such unforeseen damage control completely unfazed, clad in stilettos and designer duds, was nothing … [Read more...]

Five Ways Newsletters Up Your PR Game

You can find the orginal post on: Newsletters not only help you attract new clients, but they can also help attract media to your business. Think about it. You probably subscribe to someone’s newsletter because you want to receive their insider tips and be updated about any news … [Read more...]

Survivor! New York – How to Grow Your PR Business in a City That Never Stops Communicating: Cut the B.S.

This post can be find on By Nicole Glor, Senior Vice President, Regan Communications Living in New York City is a reality show. Working here is Survivor meets The Hunger Games. To stay alive, you have to get real. Five years ago I launched the New York presence of our multi-office PR firm. Even during the recession, we keep … [Read more...]

5 emerging PR trends—and the skills they require

By Sarah Skerik Good news! The advent of social media and the ever-increasing role of digital media in our lives means there are a number of opportunities for public relations. There are new ways to find audiences, new media through which to convey messages, tons of opportunities to connect with your brand’s fans, and so on. Best of all, … [Read more...]

5 Reasons PR Will Never Die

With many companies taking on their own social media and PR duties these days, is there still a need for public relations experts? Can PR stand the test of time or is just another phase of advertising? There are several reasons why PR is safe and sound and will continue to be so for years to come. 1. All About Relationships Public relations … [Read more...]