Women In PR Celebrated Their One-Year Anniversary In NYC

Women In PR Celebrated Their One-Year Anniversary In NYC

Women In PR, a professional organization dedicated to connecting like-minded women with nationwide professional development seminars and online public relations resources, celebrated their one-year anniversary in New York City with a two-day conference.

Public relations professionals and students from around the country joined Women In PR founder, Anje Collins, and her team for a two-day boot camp. During the boot camp, participants discussed “Fashion & Beauty PR: Where to I start?”, “Being a woman in PR: How to act like one”, “How to create opportunity in 2012” and “How to make social media work for you and your client.”

Attendees were given the chance to network with top industry professionals and ask questions about their experience.

The event was preceded by a cocktail reception at Flatiron Hotel on Thursday hosted by Tené Nícole, Marketing and Public Relations Firm to celebrate the anniversary and introduce the boot camp professionals.

Here is what attendees had to say:

Hi Anje,

First, I would like to say how much I enjoyed the Women in PR boot camp this weekend. I definitely learned a lot and you are an amazing woman! I was wondering if you knew of any job positions within fashion PR or event production. I will be graduating this weekend and the job hunt has been stressing me out! I really appreciate all of your help!

Thank you,



I attended the New York boot camp and it was well worth the travel.  I am so thankful to have met Anje Collins and fellow women in PR like myself that attended the summit. Anje and the guest speakers answered all my questions and concerns. I came in not knowing what to expect and walked out with a clear vision. I learned more in two days about PR than I have learned in my entire post secondary education. I was supplies the tools for a beginner publicist to get started in PR. From a PR tool kit, to budget plans and pricing, to how to writing effective and creative proposals & press releases. The interactive almost lecture-like seminars were all very inspiring and educational. I will definitely be travelling from Toronto to Miami for the 2nd annual summit & retreat in the future! I am beyond thankful for the opportunity. My journey with Women in PR has just begun.
Adjoa Atuahene
Thank You having the Women in PR Boot Camp. It was a really good experience. As student at The City College of New York I learned a lot within those two days. Hearing you speak about y…our experience in the PR industry helped a lot. Listening to Jenelle Hamilton and Nikkia McClain share their stories was great. Hearing their stories was very motivational and helpful to a student like me. Not only were the speakers helpful meeting the ladies who attended the boot camp were great to meet. I learned a lot from everyone there.
Thank You,
Angelique Williams 
The bootcamp was truly an enjoyable learning experience. I am grateful for Women In PR and your openness to sharing real and insightful knowledge of the industry. Having also attended a previous summit, you continue to inspire me and keep me motivated toward my goals. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in PR attend one of your summits! Thank you again!
Hi Anje! I’m so glad I could make it out to the NYC Boot Camp. I learned more than I ever anticipated and all those great guest speakers have me amped to work harder than ever! School can only teach you so much. I loved how everyone was so open to sharing their experiences and laying out how the PR world really is. It was a great positive learning experience. Hopefully I can make it out to the Miami one.
With Love, Mathusha
Hi Anje,
loved the class.  Even thought I have been doing  events/meetings/publicity for a while I always love an opportunity to learn something new…. and I learned a lot from you!    You are an awesome person and I love your energy.
It is possible to get a list of the attendees, with e-mail addresses?  I would love to stay in contact with the class and follow their careers.
Also, anytime you know of an opportunity in NYC, please let me know.  As a freelancer I am always looking for work.
All the best,
Lynn Aloia

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