Throughout most of our photo shoot, there was a consistent hum of iPhones buzzing, emergency calls and the occasional client making an impromptu drop-in. It was enough to make my head spin and I was merely watching. How these women managed to perform such unforeseen damage control completely unfazed, clad in stilettos and designer duds, was nothing short of spectacular. Now this was fabulous.

In keeping with the New York lifestyle, this job never sleeps. I learned that for these hard-working, scary-smart ladies, PR is something you have to love, live and breathe (and still look like a million bucks while doing so).

I had the pleasure of digging a little deeper and learning about each individual’s bumpy path to success and happiness. And while it’s not an easy road to the top, the fruits of their labor are not scarce. Watching one of them tear into a gift with the mouth-watering “Barneys” logo printed across the black box, I didn’t feel an ounce of jealousy — I felt content. It was well deserved.

With A-List client rosters and navigating normality in what could seem like a pressure cooker, it’s no wonder these PRpower players have to work in the shadows of fame, controlling all what we perceive as fantasy as just another day in the office.

To find out who is on this list>>>>


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