Why New Yorkers Make Great Publicists!!

We found this post on http://bookmarketingbuzzblog.blogspot.com and found it amusing.


By: Brian Feinblum


The cell phone and portable worlds of laptops and tablets make it possible to work anywhere, especially if you’re a publicist. In fact, many publicists can work from another country.  But the best publicist comes from New York City.  Here’s why:
1.      New Yorkers are aggressive and know how to strategize to get what they want. Their overcrowded environment forces them to deal with situations daily that involve getting somewhere on time, competing for everything including a seat on the subway, and fighting for scarce resources.
2.      New Yorkers are used to thinking on their feet because they constantly have to adapt to changing circumstances.
3.      New Yorkers self-filter.  They wouldn’t be there if they weren’t survivors of the fittest.  Those who purposely move here or those who are forced to leave create a population of crafty, scrappy, energized individuals.
4.      New Yorkers are used to overcoming setbacks or barriers. All around them are physical obstacles but they learn to navigate a safe passage.
5.      New Yorkers are confident, even when they have no legitimate reason to feel cocky.  In fact, they can be arrogant.  But when you want a publicist to promote you as if you are the only expert out there, you want someone who will push forward against all the odds.
6.      The digital world may be global but the worlds of commerce, publishing, fashion, advertising and television are all headquartered in New York City.  Don’t you want your publicist establishing personal relationships and using them on your behalf?
7.      A new survey confirms the perception that New Yorkers are rude. Though you’d expect that to be a negative for an industry (PR) that deals in human relationships, I look at the definition of rude as assertive, forthcoming and energized.  Travel and Leisure magazine’s survey puts New Yorkers last in niceness out of 35 cities.  But look at the friendliest-ranked cities.  Are they known for business success?  New Orleans, San Juan, Nashville and Savannah aren’t exactly filling theForbes, Inc. or Fortune lists for wealthy people.
The worst things about New York – overcrowded, crime-filled, noisy, overpriced and dirty – are what make New Yorkers the best at so many things, including PR.
And if you disagree with me, you can go screw yourself! See, New York has taught me well.

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