Celebrities’ tweets help sell products, services

Rapper Snoop Dogg gave props on Twitter to an ad for the Toyota Sienna minivan. Actress Tori Spelling linked to a website for rental cars. And reality TV star Khloe Kardashian soliloquized about the brand of jeans that accentuates the famous Kardashian derrière. "Want to know how Old Navy makes your butt look scary good? Ask a Kardashian," the … [Read more...]

Did Chick-fil-A’s PR use fake Facebook account?

By:Dave Johnson A Chick-fil-A restaurant in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart) (MoneyWatch) It must be tough working in media relations these days. If there's any doubt, just ask Chick-fil-A's public relations department, reeling from what just might be the most embarrassing social media fiasco of 2012. There was a time when PR pros could … [Read more...]

Tip Sheets: One of the Most Effective Publicity Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

Tip Sheets: One of the Most Effective Publicity Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

by Marcia Layton Turner /This post can be found on  http://startupnation.com Daren Hornig was becoming increasingly frustrated in 2006 with the never-ending stream of articles warning of the coming real estate crash. As president and CEO of The Quest Group, a commercial brokerage firm in New York City, he didn’t agree that a reversal was … [Read more...]

Flash Back Tuesday:MTV’s ‘PoweR Girls’ is a PR Nightmare

MTV's ''PoweR Girls" was  both a poorly made reality show and an American cultural tragedy. It's two, two, two grotesqueries in one. On one level, it's a chaotic look at the world of PR flacks and how a team of Manhattan chippies gets press for rich customers such as Ja Rule and P. Diddy. And on another level, it's a troubling image makeover for … [Read more...]

Can Dressing ‘Too Girly’ Be A Career Killer?

By Meredith Lepore |This post can originally be found on  http://thegrindstone.com “And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.” ― Lady Gaga A recent CareerBuilder survey found that pink and red are the least preferred choice (1% or less) for CEOs. The presumption is that these colors are too girly and are not taken as … [Read more...]

Advice for the next generation of PR

By Jennifer Nichols This post can be orignally found on http://prdaily.com I’m not sure whether I cringe or chuckle when I hear a college student or recent college graduate comment on the glamorous nature of public relations. Reality check: PR is not glamorous. If that’s in your top five reasons for entering the industry, you had better … [Read more...]

Social media to-do list: 10 tasks every PR pro should complete

By Becky Gaylord Th is post can be orginally found on www.prdaily.com Social media will suck up as much time as you let it. Balancing social media activity with the meaningful work and relationships we have in real life is vital. One solution is to make a to-do list of social media tasks and stick to the priorities. Here are 10 on my … [Read more...]

How to Effectively Pitch to the Media

Pitching stories isn’t just for journalists and aspiring writers –Gaining free publicity for your business comes from mastering the ability to interact with the media and sell your idea concisely and effectively. With this in mind, let’s talk free publicity, or specifically, how to pitch your story for greatest potential media uptake. Step 1: … [Read more...]

Do I Need a License to Start a PR Firm?

  Public relations firm owners take on clients and plan programs that help maintain the client’s image with the public. Some PR firms represent clients from a variety of sectors. Others may focus on a particular group, such as health-care companies or nonprofit organizations.There are no uniform licensing requirements to start a PR firm; … [Read more...]

How to Build a PR Media List

How to Build a PR Media List

  by Mason Kaho, Demand Media When a company has information that it wishes to spread, it creates a focused and targeted media list. Beyond “guerilla marketing” and gimmicks, one of the best ways to get the word out is to go directly to members of the media, making a public-relations, or PR, pitch with a catchy press release. Assembling … [Read more...]