Ask A PR Girl: What Every PR Professional Should Be Doing During Fashion Week


Whether you work in fashion PR and are directing multiple shows or hosting an  influencer event, New York Fashion Week is a busy time for PR professionals  everywhere. For those PR girls who are not in New York this week, this is a time  full of opportunities for both our clients and our careers.

Even if you aren’t going to be part of the madness, here are five ways you  can follow along and take advantage of some of the opportunities New York  Fashion Week opens for PR professionals everywhere.

  1. Spot the next big trend: Thanks to the digital space, a  host of shows will be live streamed making  you feel like part of the  action without actually being there. Mashable has outlined some of the shows  that will be live streamed and how you  can access them. Tune in, take notes and see what the next big things might  be and how your client can be part of it.
  2. Discover new opportunities: Every year fashion week  highlights new opportunities for brands through coverage of events, influencer  partnerships and celebrity news. Follow along on Twitter or Tumblr to see what  conversations are happening, what events everyone is talking about and where  your brand should be during Fashion Week 2013.
  3. Build blogger relationships: Fashion Week  is totally hustle and bustle for top fashion bloggers making it nearly  impossible to connect with them during the event. By not attending fashion week  you get a chance to watch from afar and see which influencers are driving the  most buzz, who is leading the conversation on Twitter and which bloggers are  talking about things that are relevant to your brand. Follow the fashion week  hashtag on Twitter, see what influencers are saying and “favorite” tweets that  catch your eye so you can review and follow up when everything settles  down.
  4. See what other brands are doing: You don’t  have to be a fashion brand to be part of fashion week. Hundreds of lifestyle  brands have found out of the box ways to tie their brand to the fashion  community and drive engagement. Watch Twitter and your favorite social media  blogs to see what brands are doing at Fashion Week and what activations are  getting the most buzz. What can you learn from their campaign? How can you  leverage those learning’s for your clients? And most importantly what can you do  at fashion week next year to be the most talked about  thing?
  5. Create content: It is nearly impossible to create quality  content while in the midst of fashion week. Bloggers and editors are hustling  around taking photos and brainstorming their follow up stories which means you  have the opportunity to report on fashion week while it is happening. Leverage  Pinterest, Facebook and other social networks to highlight what is happening  during fashion week and become part of the conversation from the comfort of your  own home.

How will you be enjoying fashion week this year?

Cassie Boorn is a writer, social media specialist,  entreprenuer and PR girl who has built digital programs for Fortune 500  companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses and bloggers. You can find  her shelling

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