5 signs to discover if you would be a great Fashion PR Girl

by Yazmina Cabrera  This is our favorite  blogger when it comes to fashion PR. Click here to see post

Potential Fashion PR Girl


Yes, we all want to be there. For sure!
We fashion-PR-Girl-wannabes want to become part of that glossy world where everybody seems to smile the whole time, receive exclusive gifts and go to super cool parties. We all long to try that skirt, touch that bag and wear that jacket before anybody else. And moreover, we desperately want to be able to publicly announce that we are our favourite brand’s new PR person! Swoon!
I guess we all want to be happy at work, and there’s nothing wrong about it.
But how do you discover if you would be a great PR Girl for your favourite fashion brand anyway?
There are five ways of finding this out. But these signs go beyond the professional Linkedin-type skills. These are inner signs which matter in the long term, the ones you can’t fake nor hide. The ones which eventually pop up in breaks-by-the-photocopier or in a lunch with the Fashion Editor of Swedish ELLE.
I will take you there by asking you five simple questions and replying them from my perspective as a Stella McCartney’s genuine lover (and PR wannabe) and experienced Luxury PR Girl.
Visit Girl with a Banjo each day this week for a new sign! By the end of the week you’ll know if you are the right person to work as a Fashion PR.



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