5 Ways To Get Editorial Coverage From Bloggers

By: Cassie Boorn  Post can be found here

Ask A PR Girl: 5 Ways To Get Editorial Coverage From Bloggers

I often get asked how brands can get editorial coverage from bloggers and while the answer varies for every brand, understanding the blogging landscape is the first step.

Getting earned coverage from bloggers can be much more complex than getting traditional media coverage. Why? Editors and producers in the traditional media world receive a salary and can focus on creating great content and if your brand fits into that great content? You win! However, a blogger is the editorial, advertising, marketing AND PR department. If a blogger chooses to write about your product they might be throwing away the opportunity to work with a similar brand in a paid capacity down the road. In order for a blogger to succeed they must be choosy about the brands they write about and how they write about those brands.

While paying bloggers $50,000 for sponsored posts makes headlines and getting editorial coverage from bloggers does not it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. The key to earning editorial coverage is understanding the blogging landscape and how your product can organically fit into it and then building relationships with the influencers that make sense for your brand.

Here are five ways that brands have garnered editorial coverage from bloggers.

1. Have an amazing product.
Susan regularly features JCrew on her fashion blog, The Working Closet. It’s not because JCrew offers her free clothes or pays her for a product placement, it’s because she loves the brand and organically wears their clothes on a regular basics. Susan says, “90% of what I write about is stuff I love and have spent my own money to acquire, or things I see on the Internet that I think would be cool to have (or for my readers to have).” Heather Armstrong was struggling to get her youngest daughter to sleep in a toddler bed until a friend recommended she try a Cloud b sleep aid ladybug and her sleep problems were solved. All of this was documented on her blog and Heather shared Cloud b with her readers. Why? Because it was an amazing product that solved a problem and organically fit into her story. Jessica Gottlieb regularly shares products she loves whether they are a great pair of Fendi flats or a Diva cup. The products she chooses to cover are chosen for one reason and one reason only, they are amazing.

2. Do something unexpected.
Peter Shankman doesn’t typically write about his love for steak houses but when Mortons steakhouse surprised him at the airport carrying a steak dinner in response to a tweet that all changed. It was such a great example of customer service that Shankman shared the entire experience on his popular PR blog as an example of using social media to give amazing customer service.

3. Create content for them
Bloggers are always on the look for images and visual content to share on their blogs and social media channels. Which isn’t surprising considering visual content drives more engagement than any content on the web. While bloggers do not want companies guest posting on their sites or controlling their content they will often share visual content that is relevant to their audience. Recently Penelope Trunk wrote a post about kids playing video games versus reading books and shared an infographic type image within the post. The company who made the image had consistently sent her fun images they had designed but this was the first one that made sense for her audience. Create content for bloggers, find bloggers that would organically share it and send it to them.

4. Build Relationships
Regardless of how good your product is or how much content you create for them blogger relationships are the key to garnering coverage. Bloggers receive hundreds of pitches a day and constantly receive product samples to review and the only way for you to stick out from the crowd is to have an existing relationship with the blogger.

5. Pitch the Right Blogs
I have often joked that I want to write a book called “Everything You Need to Know about Blogger Outreach.” The book will be one sentence long, “Read their blog, if you think they would write about it, email them. If you don’t, don’t email them. Seems simple enough, right? I thought so too but it is something that goes overlooked so often that I wrote a whole post on why bloggers think your pitch sucks.

What tactics have you seen (or used) to garner editorial coverage from bloggers?

Photo: Gunnar Pippel/Shutterstock.com

Cassie Boorn is a writer, social media specialist, entreprenuer and PR girl who has built digital programs for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses and bloggers. You can find her shelling out PR and career advice weekly at AskaPRGirl.com

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