7 Reasons You Work in PR (& Love It!)

This post can originally be found here 7 Reasons You Work in PR (& Love It!) We've all read and heard how the PR industry is fast-paced, competitive and often lands on “most stressful” lists. And when newbies come into our office, I often share the following: 53 Signs You Work in PR Indeed, it’s a bit of a reality check (shock … [Read more...]

Should ‘press release’ be part of your pitch’s subject line?

By Gijs Nelissen  This post can be originally be found here     Is it more effective to let email recipients know they are receiving a press release? Public relations professionals frequently ask that. As a provider of tools for PR teams, we were keen to find an answer. Stop, look, and listen In talking with a lot of … [Read more...]



Our Co- Founder of Women In PR Anje Collins has published her first book! PR Related- How To Start & Build A Successful PR Agency. ABOUT PR RELATED PR Related describes in detail how to successfully  start and build a public relations firm.  This one –of-a kind book is bursting with creative tips, instructions, theories and guidance, … [Read more...]

13 Books Every PR Pro Should Rread

By Brad Phillips-  This post can be found here       I’ve read dozens of books that focus on media training, crisis management, body language, and public speaking. Many are quite good; a few have become favorites. Below are some of my all-time favorites. This isn’t a comprehensive list, as there are surely great … [Read more...]


By :YAZMINA CABRERA  This post can be found here     Is creating a PR Calendar among your New Year’s Resolutions? It should be! Now that we have covered important aspects of your PR plan such as conducting a PR research, setting up goals, strategies, objectives and tactics or creating a media database for your blog, we are … [Read more...]

How to craft a pitch for fashion magazines and business publications

by Yazmina Cabrera Post can be found here “Can you craft a compelling, well-written pitch for both a fashion magazine as well as a business publication?”, Crosby Noricks, PR Couture. When Crosby Noricks from PR Couture suggested this question for this series of posts, I remembered one of the first pitches I ever did in my life. It didn’t … [Read more...]

5 signs to discover if you would be a great Fashion PR Girl

by Yazmina Cabrera  This is our favorite  blogger when it comes to fashion PR. Click here to see post   Yes, we all want to be there. For sure! We fashion-PR-Girl-wannabes want to become part of that glossy world where everybody seems to smile the whole time, receive exclusive gifts and go to super cool parties. We all long to try … [Read more...]

12 Fashion PR mistakes that piss Fashion Bloggers off

by Yazmina Cabrera  To find the original post click here  Last week we covered pretty much everything about what a great Fashion PR Girl wannabe needs to perform properly. When I thought the guide was finished, Lucia del Pasqua, an Italian Fashion Blogger –known for her unique honesty, eternal love for Stella McCartney and for rocking The … [Read more...]

Ask A PR Girl: What Every PR Professional Should Be Doing During Fashion Week

by Cassie Boorn Whether you work in fashion PR and are directing multiple shows or hosting an  influencer event, New York Fashion Week is a busy time for PR professionals  everywhere. For those PR girls who are not in New York this week, this is a time  full of opportunities for both our clients and our careers. Even if you aren’t going … [Read more...]