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7 underrated skills every PR newbie needs

By Jessica Malnik| This post can be found here   In an ideal world, nascent PR pros and neophyte journalists should know how to do a variety of things before they walk across the stage and get their diplomas.   There’s no need to be an expert in everything, but it helps to have some familiarity with a variety of tasks and … [Read more...]

Should PR pros get accredited?

By Matt Wilson| This post can be found here   Of the Public Relations Society of America’s 21,000-plus members, only about 3,800, or 18 percent, hold the organization’s Accredited in Public Relations (APR) certification. The number of professionals seeking the accreditation is on the decline, too, according to PRWeek. That’s likely … [Read more...]

20 pieces of advice every young professional should follow

After 30 years in the working world, a onetime 'big-haired career rookie' offers tips and tactics for surviving and succeeding in the workplace. By Reba Hull Campbell This post can be found here May 23 marked the 30th anniversary of my first day in the working world.  Photo  credited to PRSSA 2012-2013 National Committee That day in 1983, I … [Read more...]

What It Takes to Be a PR Person

PR is an intense and difficult job that can be rewarding and disappointing. It can be exciting, and mind-numbingly boring. PR, more often than not, is misunderstood by people outside of the industry. Increasingly, the lines between PR, marketing and advertising are becoming more blurred, taking the industry into a new direction. In short, once you … [Read more...]

How To Get An Internship That Will Launch Your Career

How To Get An Internship That Will Launch Your Career

by Cassie Boorn   A good internship can be more valuable to your career than a college degree. Bold statement, I know, but it’s the truth. A college degree is simply a credential that  proves you can focus and dedicate yourself to a goal, are able to build a strong network and have diverse interests. Luckily, you can do all of that … [Read more...]

Do You Need An Internship to Get a Job in PR?

Do You Need An Internship to Get a Job in PR?

Do you really need an internship to get a job in PR? It seems like you can’t get a job (let alone an interview) in PR without a couple of internships under your belt, yet many students opt to skip the internship process until the last minute, squeezing one in right after college in hopes of turning it into a full time job (or never interning at … [Read more...]