Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Personal and Business Social Media Life Separately

Posted by Ann Smarty to Social Media Somewhat recently I have been seeing a trend developing with professional accounts on social media sites. They have been becoming more personal, and that line that was once so clear between personal and professional life is being blurred. People are even inviting their clients, bosses, coworkers and … [Read more...]

Fancy Yourself A Fashion PR Girl?

by Gemma Jones  This post can originally be found here   Ah fashion PR. Ever since the the high brand fashion PR girls (you know…the fashion media goddesses, such as the almighty OscarPR girl/Erika Bearman…) decided to publicly tweet, blog and Facebook away about her job antics..with you know the “usual” 9 to 5 agenda,  the casual name … [Read more...]

Building the perfect email ‘pitchwich’

By: By Ashley Halberstad This Post Can Originally be found here Like anything worth knowing, PR is all about the fundamentals. There are building blocks, key pieces of knowledge that make the difference between being a PR practitioner and being a PR professional. One of those fundamentals is the pitch. We hear a lot about bad … [Read more...]

Lies Samantha Jones Told Me

This post can originally be found here I have a bone to pick with Samantha Jones of Samantha Jones PR. If we’re to believe this conniving liar [which, sadly, a lot of wide-eyed young publicists and publicists-to-be do], publicists are nothing more than glorified socialites, flitting from red carpet appearances to restaurant openings to the … [Read more...]

The best—and worst—times to post to social media

By Kristin Piombino- This post can be found here t's the million-dollar question for social media managers everywhere: What is the best time to post to social media?   While the optimal time to update your Facebook page or Pinterest boards may vary depending on your audience, Social Caffeine created an infographic that lists, in … [Read more...]

Should PR pros get accredited?

By Matt Wilson| This post can be found here   Of the Public Relations Society of America’s 21,000-plus members, only about 3,800, or 18 percent, hold the organization’s Accredited in Public Relations (APR) certification. The number of professionals seeking the accreditation is on the decline, too, according to PRWeek. That’s likely … [Read more...]

20 pieces of advice every young professional should follow

After 30 years in the working world, a onetime 'big-haired career rookie' offers tips and tactics for surviving and succeeding in the workplace. By Reba Hull Campbell This post can be found here May 23 marked the 30th anniversary of my first day in the working world.  Photo  credited to PRSSA 2012-2013 National Committee That day in 1983, I … [Read more...]

How To Respond To HARO/ProfNet Queries Without Pissing Writers Off

This post can be found here Think your peach defuzzer is the greatest product in the known universe, or rep a doctor who’s on the road to curing a formerly incurable disease? Then you’re probably signed up as an expert source on services like Help a Reporter (HARO)and ProfNet. I use these services as just one of many tools in my arsenal … [Read more...]

Working In PR Is More Stressful Than Being A Police Officer

by Ruth Graham This post can be found here Almost everyone in modern America claims to be “stressed out” at work once in a while. And by “once in a while” I mean “once an hour”: In many circles, stress is a badge of honor. But not everyone can claim to be working in one of the most stressful jobs in America. CareerCast published its list of … [Read more...]


By: YAZMINA CABRERA  This post can be found here     “Fashion Bloggers are a necessary evil”, or so they say. Fashion PR people should be aware of that fact when starting collaboration lines with them and should take them seriously, even when they do not always agree on bloggers’ explosive success. When I created my first … [Read more...]