8 Tips for Getting More Publicity for Your Events

Publicity pros stress the importance of creating exclusive content, targeting select press, and taking the long view when it comes to relationships.  It's not just the number of reporters and photographers at an event, but their influence and reach that counts, publicity pros say. Photo: Hechler Photography By Alesandra Dubin Publicity … [Read more...]

5 signs you’re not cut out for PR

By Scott Signore  This post can be originally found here While my firm is incredibly fortunate to employ some of the very best PR and social media practitioners, we’ve also had a number of staff members who simply weren’t cut out for our business. Sure, they were good, hard-working people, but the writing was on the wall early on that they … [Read more...]



Our Co- Founder of Women In PR Anje Collins has published her first book! PR Related- How To Start & Build A Successful PR Agency. ABOUT PR RELATED PR Related describes in detail how to successfully  start and build a public relations firm.  This one –of-a kind book is bursting with creative tips, instructions, theories and guidance, … [Read more...]

PR Pros: Choosing Clients’ Causes Carefully

By: Toni L. Rousell                   Original Post can be found here Your advice is not only valued, as a hired PR professional, wise counsel is required. So, how do you help your clients choose the causes they support? Being driven by emotions or going with what’s popular, is sure to be a recipe for disaster. Discouraging clients from … [Read more...]

Tips for PR pros planning a 2014 editorial calendar

By Carrie Morgan  This post can originally be found here If you’re the kind of uber-efficient PR pro who organizes Outlook into client-specific folders, keeps client folders for years after they’ve evaporated, and alphabetizes books and CDs, this post is for you. If you’re a new PR professional still learning the ropes, this might … [Read more...]

15 tips for a successful PR career

By Dave Fleet - Post can be found here         One of the things I enjoy most nowadays is having the opportunity to speak to the future leaders of the PR profession when they're starting out. I often get asked: "What tips would you offer to get ahead in this field?"   Now that summer is upon us and … [Read more...]

Should PR pros get accredited?

By Matt Wilson| This post can be found here   Of the Public Relations Society of America’s 21,000-plus members, only about 3,800, or 18 percent, hold the organization’s Accredited in Public Relations (APR) certification. The number of professionals seeking the accreditation is on the decline, too, according to PRWeek. That’s likely … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift needs to rethink her PR strategy

Taylor Swift needs to rethink her PR strategy

By Michael Sebastian This post can be found here       Taylor Swift’s PR machine might be running out of gas. The 23-year-old pop star, once described by The New Yorker as radiating “unjaded sincerity,” is facing a speed bump: The public is turning on her. “I hope Taylor Swift's publicist is working overtime to … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Get Editorial Coverage From Bloggers

By: Cassie Boorn  Post can be found here I often get asked how brands can get editorial coverage from bloggers and while the answer varies for every brand, understanding the blogging landscape is the first step. Getting earned coverage from bloggers can be much more complex than getting traditional media coverage. Why? Editors and … [Read more...]

Build on Every Media Hit – From Ronn Torossian’s PR Book For Immediate Release

  A book excerpt from Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPRbest selling PR book – “For Immediate Release”   Never Enough: Build on Every Media HitWhen we secure features in media, it’s just the beginning of the value of a media hit. Articles are often more valuable after they are published than when they first come out.  Some tips on … [Read more...]